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Thank you for visiting NH Kittens.  We are closed for the 2019 season and do not need any fosters at this time.  Please check back in the Spring of 2020 for fostering opportunities. 

Foster must have an area or room that can be closed off from the rest of your home. An office, spare bedroom, reasonably-sized mud room or laundry room work well for this. Prior to giving birth, the foster cat must not interact with any pets you currently have unless approved by our Director. Our Director will visit your home to make sure the area you have is suitable for fostering, have you fill out a foster contract and, if all is in order, schedule a time to bring the foster family to you.

We provide a litter box, scoop, litter, food, and any vitamins/medications/dewormers the cat/kittens may need. You provide a warm, safe, loving and calm environment for the cat to give birth. Once the kittens are born, we ask that you monitor their growth by weighing them (we provide the scale if you don't have one) once a day for the first 10 days and then every two to three days after that until they are 2 lbs.  We will ask you to deworm at the appropriate times (we provide the dewormer and instructions).  Of course, socializing the kittens is extremely important and is a lot of fun, too!  You get to name the kittens and we may ask you provide photos to help us promote the kittens for adoption. 

Fostering a cat and her kittens is anywhere from an 12 week to a 20 week commitment, depending on how pregnant the cat is when she arrives at our shelter and how quickly the kittens grow. We ask that you foster the family until the kittens are weaned and reach 2 lbs (when they will be spayed/neutered). If you want to foster the family AFTER the final vetting is done, please let us know.

Foster families are allowed to adopt one kitten and the mother cat, provided they fill out an adoption application and adhere to all the stipulations therein. We do not allow adoption of more than one kitten from a foster litter unless approved, in advance, by our Director. Fosters do not get a discount on adoption fees as we do not make any profit on our adoptions and need to, at minimum, recoup our expenses for each kitten/cat. 

If you think you would like to foster a family this season, please contact us via email (nhkittens@gmail.com), by using the contact form on this website, or by messaging us on our Facebook page (facebook.com/nhkittens). Please tell us a bit about your family, current pets, space available for the foster, and what town you live in.

We prefer foster families be within a 15 mile radius of our home base in New London to easily facilitate transport of the family to/from the veterinarian and to transport supplies to our foster families.  We make every effort to take care of all transportation but sometimes situations arrive where we may ask you to step up. If you do need to drive to New London for supplies, or Grantham for a veterinarian visit, please keep track of your mileage as it is tax deductible (we are 501c3, nonprofit organization).

We will consider fosters outside of the 15-mile range on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your interest!